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Local Gift Shop in Graham

Centered in the heart of downtown Graham our crafting boutique sells both in-store and online creative art & crafts supplies. Every artisan of our inventory is created by local professionals in the industry.

Jewelry Center

Come down to our store to see which look suits you. We own the right set of jewelry for every color you can think of! 

The Main Line Shop Jewelry or Earring Pr
The Main Line Shop Soap and Bath Bomb Pr

Soaps & Bath Bombs

Are you tired of dealing with old fashion soap? Take your hygiene to the next level with custom washing products. All soap products are hand made by professional artisans!

Adult Clothing (Vintage & New)

If it's a small, medium, large, or even an extra-large we do our best to make sure that we stock up on all sizes and offer colors that will appeal to the average human being! 

The Main Line Shop Adult Clothing (Vinta


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Our Artisan Marketplace Offers a Variety

At The Main Line, our products are either handmade from one of our over 100 local artisans or unique vintage pieces. Our products don't fit in any specific category - we have a little bit of everything, for everyone! Above are some examples of things you'll find in our store. But please keep in mind that our inventory is constantly changing and many items are one-of-a-kind. 

Our products tend to fall in to (but are not limited to!) the following categories:

  • Crochet

  • Sewing 

  • Pet accessories and treats

  • Children's toys and clothes

  • New and used books

  • Coasters and magnets

  • Candles 

  • Stained glass 

  • Misc. home decorations

  • Natural detergent and cleaners

  • Yard decorations and wreathes

  • Incense and essential oils

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